About Us

MiC Comunitats first and foremost, offer their services of administration of communities of Owners, garages, urbanistic entities, and macro-communities, but also deal with rentals, patrimonies, sales and insurance cover.

To date the company has distinguished itself for maintaining a relationship, which is not only honest and professional but also close to the community, endeavouring easy and comfortable contact. As administrators of buildings we try to create a day to day formula that guarantees our clients close and immediate attention.

This is achieved by a friendly, professional team with wide experience, which ensures that their interests are taken care of correctly. The object of MiC Comunitats at the time of preparing this web page, is to offer our services in our office in Calle Roger de Flor, 43, ground floor, right, Port de Pollença, and to help you in whatever you may need, with precise information of our services

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We are a company of administration of communities dedicated to serving the communities of owners with over 20 years experience. Make sure you hire a referee Manager, it guarantees that you hire a professional with appropriate training for the performance of their duties.
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We analyze accounting, billing history, energy consumption, expenditure trends and if these meet the real needs of the Community. We monitor their services and negotiate with suppliers looking for the right price
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Our goal is to achieve a perfect functioning of the Communities, the proper management of funds, energy saving measures, conservation, maintenance and repair of facilities. In short, a better coexistence between owners and optimization services.